Dog Walkers and Sitters

Not a dog walker/sitter yet but want to be?

Newcomers need:

1. To complete the DWSA Certificate course provided by the British College of Canine Studies. The home study and self-paced Certificate course is provided by email and must be completed for Membership.

The DWSA Certificate Course

UNIT ONE – The Basics, Heelwork, Introductions, equipment etc.
UNIT TWO – Canine Communication & Body Language
UNIT THREE – Get Up To Date On Pack Structure & Dominance
UNIT FIVE – Business
UNIT SIX – Canine First Aid

Available exclusively from the British College of Canine Studies and designed to take you from beginner to dog walker/sitter.
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2. Once the course is complete, you need to arrange insurance and a DBS check, and you’re ready to be listed.