Dog Walkers and Sitters


Dog Walkers, Sitters and Home Boarders have been misled and confused for years now by associations, groups and organisations, as they’re pushed toward expensive and unnecessary Ofqual courses for what is in fact a completely unregulated industry. Ever since the introduction of new Animal Welfare legislation in October 2018, there has been nothing but confusion. Councils do not even fully understand the legislation, and these are the people granting the licenses.

There is absolutely NO NEED for an Ofqual course for dog walking, sitting or even home boarding. Even for the Higher Standards license from your local council, having a person with an Ofqual level 3 qualification is only described as optional, not required. What you DO need is clear evidence of relevant knowledge and experience, policies, plans, the right environment and good record keeping. See the regulations for yourself here, specifically for home boarding:

The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 – Guidance notes for conditions for providing home boarding for dogs (